What advice do you give when your friend texts you and says, “When you just want to cry and don’t want to deal with people, everything is going wrong and your day is s***, what do you do?”

Ahh, I know that kind of day. Yesterday, within the first hour of being awake, I dropped and broke an entire jar of jam, I spilled my coffee on the counter, I dropped a bucket of water (don’t ask!) and it spilled all around the kitchen, including the windows, and the dog refused to give me back my shoe. I generally don’t tell anyone when I’m having a bad day because I think it sounds like I’m complaining. But, I think it’s high time I allowed myself to be honest about these days — with myself and others.

As a business owner, I tend to be the always up, energized, ready to change the world person. But it’s taken me decades as a human being to learn that it’s ok to be open about how I’m feeling. Frankly, I think the first step to feeling better about my day is to accept that I’m having a bad day and allow myself to have one.

I suppose this post could be about creating a list of all the things I try to do when I’m having a s*** day: breathing, slowing the f*** down (which is usually the problem in the first place!), taking a walk – outside, but the most important thing to do is to be extra nice to yourself. That’s just what you would tell a friend to do (that’s what I told my friend!). I also told her to eat something she really enjoyed, look at photos on her phone that made her smile, buy her favorite coffee drink and to sip it slowly.

So, on your next s*** day, give yourself the same love you would give a friend. Or call me, I’ll give you some!