Yesterday I ran across the street (with the dog) when the light was going against us. I always feel a bit guilty when I don’t wait for the light to change. As a kid, I was conditioned to behave and act in a way that was socially approved. But as I’ve gotten old(er), I’ve been challenged by the voices of others telling me what is best for me. I find myself doing that for my kids too. But the truth is, we need to listen to our own voice first.

So, how do I try to listen to myself, rather than others (hence, that gaslighting post), by thinking of my life like a traffic light. There are three ways for me to move, stop, wait (or slow down) and go.

Right now, in my life, there are things I need to start doing, slow down doing, and stop doing. I’ve been thinking a lot about what moves me and what holds me back. For many years, I’ve focused on being a parent, lawyer and friend. But there are other aspects to me and I’ve been wondering how can I move in those directions? Are there other things I need to stop so I can start something new? What I need to do is silence my thoughts and listen to what’s inside me in order to know which of the lights I should follow.

After running through that light yesterday, Lily (of course) wanted to sniff the next stop light pole. I forced myself to just stand there, to not run across, but just to listen and look around. I ended up just smiling at the person walking across the street and reaching down and petting Lily. It was the most peaceful 2 minutes I’ve had in a long time.

We (read: me) can be the worst critic of ourselves. We need to listen to our own internal stop light and use it to guide our lives. Take a moment today look at your options. Is there something you need to stop, slow down or move on? Every day is a new day!!