I heard that one of my boys acknowledged this fact to someone recently that yes, his mom does swear that much all the time. The. Real. Truth.

There are three kinds of moms: The moms who were always together and never picked up their kids in sweatpants and flip flops (not me); the moms who were smart and capable, whose kids never used the word “like” or less than full sentences (totally not me); and moms who mostly had a baseball cap on to deal with crazy hair and swore like a sailor (ME!).

I think moms who swear are the shit! I remember one time when there was a song or something like, going around in lower school, where the song had a lot of words with different endings. One was *uck. As you could expect, one of the boys said, “Mom – your favorite word could be in this song – F***!” Yup. True dat.

I’m not trying to be cool or edgy. If you know me, you know I’m not cool or edgy. I just swear. It’s more work for me to not swear these days – especially when I’m giving a training seminar for work – then to just be myself.

I loved the study The Science of Swearing where the researchers found that swearing did little (if anything) to harm children or people. In fact, it was the way it was used, rather than it being used. Obviously, using it in an abusive way is wrong. But when I spill my wet coffee grounds all over the floor at 5 am (like TODAY!) and I yell, FUUUCCCK …well that’s ok. 🙂

My favorite swear words rhyme with duck and include, for duck’s sake, what the duck, duck that, and— well, you get the picture. My other favorite swear word rhymes with hit and include variations on this word. Sometimes I put them together — duck that *hit!

People that swear are my people. They make the best storytellers. They don’t take things too seriously. They are fierce defenders of their friends and families. And (in my f***ing opinion) are more open minded. Swearing is how I add emphasis to life. It’s like “very” or “really” but with more truth and punch!

Do my kids swear? For sure. Do I care. No. They know when it’s ok and when it’s not. I guess the only thing I worry about is this: That my kids will keep my grandkids away from me because “GM swears too much.” That better not f***ing happen. 🙂

Have a freaking great day everyone!