The weather was nice and then rainy – very rainy. It was warm and then cold and windy. I didn’t get a chance to shower until 1. I had to go to the dentist. My dog was fussy and I spent 45 minutes trying to get her in the house (I cried at the 30 minute mark until I found a way to get her in). Then I spent another 20 minutes watching a video on how to teach your dog to “come.” I didn’t get enough work done but I did get some of what I wanted to get done. I had a great cup of coffee in the morning. I helped someone at the grocery store reach a bunch of items that were too difficult to reach. And, I talked with two of my kids.

It was a perfect day because it was not. I’m taking the position that every thing that happens to me in a day, is exciting and new. That’s how I think we can truly start living – when we romanticize our day and our life and look at everything we do through a different lens.

I understand that life isn’t perfect and that it cannot always be just fun (clearly by my day listed above!). But everything I experience (even the f***ing 45 minutes chasing the dog — I know, I know, don’t chase the dog …) takes me to the next experience. In one day, I got to cry and be happy. I had a dance party with the dog in the living room (sorry to my neighbor!) and I laid on the floor trying to clean a dog’s face. I was productive but not as much as I wanted. I lived yesterday as I want to live everyday — experiencing it all.

I’m sure you can find something today that’s new and exciting. Or, look at something mundane (like making lunch or getting gas) and see it as a cool opportunity to try something a little different or connect with someone new.

I’m not sure what today will bring. It already brought me a trip over a chair and breaking my glass. 🙂 So, clearly another of the same – great and not great stuff! But, I’m here. I’m alive. And, I’m grateful.