Halloween. I always open the door and give candy. Today, I’m preparing for trial (starting tomorrow) and instead I put my favorite bowl outside and filled it to the brim with candy. Options of what could happen:

  1. Kids take a lot of candy;
  2. Kids don’t take very much candy;
  3. Kids take no candy;
  4. Other.

Well, it started out as kids not taking very much. It was cute to see them just take a few pieces. I usually give above the national average of 2.5 pieces (I give 6!). Then, I got back to my trial prep and after an hour or so I went out to check the candy. Not only was all the candy gone – but the bowl (did I say it was my favorite bowl?) was gone too. WTF? What is going on? This is a kid holiday. This is not for taking shit that’s not yours other than CANDY.

It’s not really the bowl. It’s not really the candy. It’s the principle of the whole thing. I know it’s naive of me to think that on any given day, the world will work as I wish. But, really? A bowl and all the candy?

I feel disappointed right now. I’ll be better tomorrow. I’ll buy another bowl. But, I’ll still be pissed that someone didn’t care about anyone else but themselves. Can’t call the cops on a bowl. I hope someone (that someone) has a big stomach ache tomorrow.