Yesterday, I was in my favorite vegan cafe’, waiting for my drink and looking at cards, when the woman at the register started up a conversation. Somehow we got to talking about something sad in her life. I stopped looking at cards and turned to her. She continued to check people out as we were talking. We chatted about how difficult life transitions can be (I’m in the middle of some big ones) and she said that talking to others has helped her. She started to get teary eyed (as did I, but it doesn’t take much for me these days) and I felt like hugging her but didn’t because I’m aware that not everyone wants one of my Italian hugs!

We finished talking and as I turned back around to pick up the cards I was going to buy, a man handed me a small brown bag. “I bought you a card. Nice conversation.” I wasn’t really understanding what was happening at that moment, but instinctively I took the bag he was holding out. I looked in and pulled out the card. I recognized it as one I was going to buy for my friend. I started to thank him but saw he was already at the door. He gave me a quick glance and nod as he left.

In that one moment I felt so full of …. je ne sais quoi.

Maybe the saying on the card will help. It was a quote from F. Scott Fitzgerald:

“You are the finest, loveliest, tenderest, and most beautiful person I have ever known – and even that is an understatement.”

All I want to say today is that we need to make a point of saying these things to people. Those we know and those we don’t know. And if there are people who are not in our space, we should still think about ways to send this energy to them. Know that even when people we love are not behaving in a way that leaves a positive footprint in our personal space, we can still send them nonjudgemental light and peace. Life has a way of working itself out.

I can only describe that moment as a fullness of perfect clear light. Does that make any freaking sense?

Look, whatever it was, I’m grateful. And, I’ll take those fleeting seconds to the bank any day of the week (anything to help with those higher interest rates!).

Have a wonderful Sunday my friends and family.