I was out for a run on Saturday and when I got close to a corner, I noticed a woman sitting there with a sign “I need help and Money.” As I got closer, I saw she had a skirt on with tall socks and her skirt was clearly not on “correctly.”

I stopped at the corner (because, I’m always looking for an excuse to stop) and asked if I could help her. She told me that she needed money. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I didn’t have any money with me. What I did have was a bottle of water, which I had not yet used. I offered it to her.

She asked why I was running and where was I going. Great questions! I told her I was just going to run around the area and I was running to relieve stress. She looked at me for a second and then asked me the most important question of my life: What was I stressed about?

I felt like crying.

How could I possibly compare any stress in my life to hers? What kind of narrative have I been telling myself all these running years. I have so much in my life, what the F*** am I stressed about?

She told me that she never gets stressed out. She said that she needs money and sometimes needs food but she isn’t ever stressed out (she also said she’s not sure what stressed out really is so she didn’t think she had it – so sweet!)

I thanked her for the advice. She looked at me as if she had no idea why I had just thanked her. She thanked me for the water. And, I walked (not ran) away.

Life perspective. I needed it.