When you look in the mirror, you see each individual flaw. Those flaws are the things we fear and we worry about when the light shines too brightly. But even though every scar is illuminated in the mirror, we should just take a minute to pause, to breathe and see the beauty in the whole of these things that have marked us.

I wonder if our external mirror reflects our internal mirror. And does the way we judge ourselves, color how we judge others?

There is beauty in the scars that have marked us. Whether seen or unseen. We really are the only ones who notice them and, as such, we are free to cast them away and to fix our gaze on the wholeness of who we are rather than our parts.

But of course, that is not easy. The world is full of “mirrors.” So, be patient with yourself. Remember, seeing the parts of you as a whole, is simply you getting to know who you are … even if you just start with one moment, today.