When I was walking Lily on Friday, we were on a road that is fairly busy. Cars go by rather quickly. As we stopped (she stopped!) to sniff yet another blade of grass, we heard a loud smack!

I looked up to see a flock of geese fly above us. I remember thinking that I hoped they didn’t poop on us. And then I realized that the smack was a goose. One of them had been killed. It was instantly dead in the road and the car that hit it just kept going.

A lone goose seemed to know what was happening and didn’t fly away. It stayed behind. Just standing there on the curb. Maybe it was their partner. It stood there like it wanted the dead goose to wake up so they could fly away together. It seemed distressed and wanted to go over and check on its mate but the cars just kept going and it could not go over to it. It was heartbreaking.

I dropped to the ground and sobbed. I mean lost it. Poor Lily had no idea what was happening but she knew something was wrong and just sat next to me. All I could say in my mind to the one left there was “I’m sorry. I am so, so sorry.”

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t love or even like these geese. But this was not just a goose. It was life and death. I could not move myself from that spot. It felt like the world had stopped.

It took what seemed like an eternity for the lone goose to fly away – the opposite direction from the rest. I cried the whole way home.

During the Queen’s funeral (I’m up early anyway) there was a moment of silence. I wondered if the world would be silent—to stop and pray or think or remember.

But the world didn’t stop. I could hear the birds outside my window. The crickets kept going. The cars. It was the same as when that goose died. The world stopped for its partner (and me) but everything else kept going.

I guess that’s what life and death is all about. There is a constant marching of time even when it sometimes stops for others.

My take way that day and today is to be grateful. Thank You. Thank you for yet another day. Thank you for those of you I will speak with today and for those of you I won’t speak with but will think about. I will pray for the angry and lost people in my space. And, I will send healing energy to those who need healing.

Life keeps going and while we have the opportunity to be here, and maybe we’ll just remember it for a moment today, let’s make sure we don’t take it for granted.