I met someone for coffee recently. We’d not seen each other for a long time. We spent the short hour or so catching up and talking about the changes, joys and trials in our lives.

The back story is that I’d not seen this person for many years. That was partly my doing. I put up some pretty strict boundaries. It was the right thing to do at the time. And, it was right for me to hold it for as long as I did. But, for some reason, my gut told me it was time to get coffee and just examine that boundary.

It was an enjoyable hour and I received some wisdom—which was completely unexpected. When I got into my car I heard myself say out loud, “Check.” I said it not in a bad way, but just in a clearing cobwebs sort of way. A taking down of a boundary so I could gently close the door rather than the slam of the door when I first put the boundary up. Am I making any freaking sense here?

When we put up boundaries, we do it to shift the power. Often to take back our power. We do it when people are not respectful toward us and do not deserve to be in our life space. Sometimes, we must keep some form of a boundary up forever. Sometimes the boundaries change. Sometimes, I wonder if the boundary itself begins to hold so much power that it prevents us from moving forward. I think that’s what I’m trying to get at here; maybe what was once healthy (the boundary) becomes unnecessary because we have changed. In other words, it takes up more life space than is necessary.

I’m in the middle of a life shift. I’ve begun writing. I am going to move from my home of 23 years. My relationship with my kids is changing, in a really awesome and freeing way. And I generally feel change is in my airspace. The process can be bumpy and painful at times, but that’s life, right? I wonder if maybe to get to that next place, we need to clear out the unnecessary energy, people and situations and other holds on our lives, so we can open up door number one, two or even three?

Yesterday, I was waiting for an appointment and I saw a deck of cards. I pulled a card and flipped it over. It read, “The Universe Has Your Back.” Ahhhh. Yes, it had my back on this one.

As you move through your life and make decisions that you may or may not be sure about, know that that the “universe” has your back. Or, at the very least, your loved ones do. 🙂

For those of moving into a new holiday period, I wish you peace and time for contemplation. For my other wonderful friends and readers of this blog, yes, the universe has your back, and so do I.