Many of you may know that I once took a meditation class. It was billed as a relaxing, no judgment, peaceful opportunity. I was so excited to “learn” how to meditate. I got to the first class early and introduced myself to everyone because I figured they would all become my best friends! I quit four weeks later – completely stressed out about trying to meditate. Who quits a meditation class? Why couldn’t I fake it?

Over the years I continued to try. I went through a period where every time I tried to meditate, the dog would start licking her private parts so loudly that I could not concentrate. I gave up.

On Sunday I was talking someone and we got on the topic of meditation. I told her I needed to find a way to destress. She told me that she started meditating after her husband died. She said that she cried each time she tried to get quiet. It went on for months. Then, one day, she prayed for strength and for him to be with her for just five minutes. That was the start of a beautiful relationship with her meditations—which she says can be anything that feels good (within the bounds of the law, of course!).

So I tried that the next morning. I prayed for love, strength and protection for the people I love. I prayed for them to find joy in the little things in life and for them to find love in their hearts. Oh, and I prayed for myself too!

Know what the dog did? Well the first day she threw up a sock one minute into my meditation (I thought it was her intestine-WTF!). Day two she just sat at my feet staring at me the whole time. So freaking annoying. I think she farted too.

Then on day three, she came to my feet, curled up in a ball, took a deep breath and went to sleep. I was so mesmerized that I missed my timer. All I ended up doing was taking a few minutes to listen to my breath resonate in my body—felt amazing.

I guess this is a lesson to me that if someone in the depths of despair can find a way to meditate, I can too. And, it can be anything I want it to be. Each day I only last a few minutes. It’s really a prayer session with me trying to bring cleansing energy into my body and trying to send it to others.

Find a few minutes each day, even if it’s when you’re making your morning coffee, to hear your own breath. There is grace in that simple moment.

(and hopefully your dog will be reasonable at the same time). 🙂